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Posted by on November 28, 2017

On Monday 8th November 2017 we went on a trip to the cinema.  We watched this movie called Kooko’s big adventure.The movie was about two people who wanted to be king.  They had a competion on who could do the best juggeling and whoever one would be given this ape to be king.  The one who lost was very angry and he wanted to get revenge and get the cape back.The movie was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t even get my words out.  I don’t possibily know how far I could rate this movie.


I would just like to thank Mrs Churchill for planning this for us!!!!!

6 Responses to MY CINEMA TRIP

  1. 20marai


  2. 20marai


  3. 20karol

    the film was 9)10 for me

  4. 20karol

    the film was 9)10 for me

  5. 20karol

    I watched around 100 films and this one is 4 th place amazing score.

  6. 20marai

    I remember us all sitting together. It was a good movie

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