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All about India

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On Monday 8th November 2017 we went on a trip to the cinema.  We watched this movie called Kooko’s big adventure.The movie was about two people who wanted to be king.  They had a competion on who could do the best juggeling and whoever one would be given this ape to be king.  The one … Continue reading »

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Medusa is probably one of the best known Greek  mythological creatures.Everyone thought her  as a demon, however her childhood wasn’t always like this.  Daughter of Forsian and Seapore, two more rulers of the sea.Medusa was born with incredible beauty.  When Posiedon, ruler of the sea found out all about her beauty he wanted to keep … Continue reading »

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Medusa was a feared demon A glance at her you’ll turn to stone She ruled the day and she ruled the night One step in then you’ll turn to bones   Medusa was cruel She lived in a cave Her cave was dark But solitude was all she craved   Her hair was snakes They … Continue reading »

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I’m a little bird I go into the sky When the sun goes low I say bye bye   I live in a tree I love to to tweet I’m very happy Playing with beats   I’m a lovely bird I’m a colourful bird I love to sing I’m everything.     By Sara and … Continue reading »

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